mardi 15 juillet 2014

Concours Infinity (suite)

Suite à l'annonce d'un concours dont je vous parlais ici, j'ai particpé en proposant le texte suivant:

Mayanet > Tian Aerospace > PR > About Us :

Tian Aerospace, subsidiary of the prestigious Jingbai Corporation, is the spherewide leader in the field of small to medium space transports with atmospheric capabilities. We earned this recognition through dedicated R&D  efforts to design the most reliable and cost-efficient products.

Thanks to a solid Intellectual Property portfolio, our wide range of spacecrafts benefits from leading-edge technology, such as our famous Dragonbreath® engines or the renowned Dragonscales® ceramic padding allowing fast and secure atmospheric entry. From Tiger Soldiers risking their lives on Svalarheima during extreme military engagements to deep space transport of valuable goods by Interspace Trust Corporation, the growing number of satisfied clients is our best argument.

Our highly devoted and trained employees will merge cardinal virtues and proficient workforce in order to bring you the best products, a committed technical support and nothing less than harmony. Driven by the sacred duty of expanding Confucian values throughout the Human Sphere, we also have developed a rehabilitation program to give motivated convicts and their families the unique opportunity to redeem themselves in the eyes of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Since our foundation, nearly 75 years ago, Tian Aeropsace's headquarters proudly sit in Kufang, Yutang. Respectful of both traditional and modern business practices, our careful but steady development gave rise to additional facilities and shipyards on Shentang and Svalarheima. Numerous offices can also be found on various territories and orbital stations throughout the Human Sphere.

Tian Aerospace.  Empire-State of the art !

Merci à Brepost et Belakar du forum Infinity pour leurs relectures et corrections.
Verdict pour la pré-sélection à la fin du mois.

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